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Team dragon batch milan, Italie
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The Zhonglong Dragon Boat Team was founded in 2018 and is composed of a group of overseas Chinese in Milan, Italy who love dragon boat culture.

We are a team dedicated to promoting Chinese dragon boat culture and working together to forge ahead. The members of Milan Zhonglong Dragon Boat Team come from different ages and backgrounds. Through dragon boat sports, our members work together to strengthen teamwork and thus cultivate excellent team spirit and leadership skills.

Our goal is to inherit and spread the Chinese dragon boat culture. As an important part of Chinese traditional culture, dragon boat has a long history and rich connotations. By participating in dragon boat races, we are committed to inheriting and promoting this thousand-year cultural heritage, so that more people can understand and love dragon boat culture.

Milan Zhonglong Dragon Boat Team welcomes people who are interested in dragon boat sports and Chinese culture to join our big family. Whether you are a novice or an experienced player, we provide professional training and a friendly environment so that you can devote yourself to dragon boat sports.

Let us work together, paddle our oars, and forge ahead in the mighty river of dragon boat racing, demonstrating the unity, passion and infinite vitality of the Milan Zhonglong Dragon Boat Team!