• Comité fran?ais de bateau-dragon
  • Adresse:14 rue Sophie Rodrigues 92500 Rueil - Malmaison
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Thank you to the individuals and companies in the form for their generous sponsorship of this competition
Temps de publication:2023-06-18     Nombre de lectures:     Les polices:【Grand Au milieu Petit

Zhang Changbao, Zheng Xiangzhen, Chen Chenghui, Peng Xiaoliang, YCOO, Cai's Chinese Medicine Clinic, KEDY PACK, Lao Baiwei, Chengxin Restaurant, French Dragon Boat Team, Chinese Community Promotion Association, French Chinese Trade Promotion Association, Sino-French Friendship and Mutual Assistance Association, French Apollo Shooting Sports Club, Li'ao Xiacheng Overseas Hometown Mutual Assistance Association, Pangée 2.0 Association

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